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Celebrating 160 Years of Crane at the New York Stock Exchange

In July, Crane Co. celebrated its 160th anniversary.Originally named the R.T. Crane Brass & Bell Foundry, the Chicago factory made valves, fittings, and specialty castings for a rapidly industrializing America. Since then, the company has evolved to include plumbing, fluid handling, energy and aviation at various points, turning from a holding company into an operating company along the way. Since 1855, Crane Co. has been a part of some major contributions to society:

  • 1870s: Introduced line production in foundries with a conveyor system and R.T. Crane’s unique multi-purpose machines
  • 1912: The first all-electric factory in America
  • 1920s: The modern bathroom, with practical yet decorative features 
  • 1937: The Golden Gate Bridge used Crane railings
  • 1957: Two technical papers (“Flow of Fluids” and “Technical Paper 410”) that became the cornerstone of the study of fluid dynamics in pipes
  • 1960s: Space travel – both the Gemini and Apollo programs used Crane pumps, including the Apollo 11 moon landing
  • 1981: The first NASA space shuttle used a Crane braking system

That’s a lot of truly historic events. Few companies have been around for 160 years, and fewer still can look back and say they were so often a part of history.Crane is also a long-time fixture on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), becoming publicly traded back in 1936. In recognition of our recent anniversary, the NYSE invited Crane Co. to ring the closing bell on Friday, July 10. This is a great honor, and we eagerly accepted the invitation.Two employees were chosen to represent each branch of Crane Co: Aerospace & Electronics, Engineered Materials, Fluid Handling, and Payment & Merchandising Technologies. In all, 12 employees from the varied business segments made the trip to New York City, plus one from Crane Co.’s home office in Connecticut.They were nominated for the way they uphold Crane’s values and commitment to excellence and for their long tenure with the Company. Attendees’ years of service averaged 32 years, a rare achievement in today’s business culture and a measure of the dedication our employees have to Crane.Crane Aerospace & Electronics was represented by our Controller, Mark Haigh, and one of our Senior Assemblers, Wanthong Rhothisen. Mark and Wanthong have each been with the Company since 1985. Both Mark and Wanthong were proud and pleased to be selected to represent our group. Wanthong noted what an honor it was to be selected to represent our piece of Crane, calling it “a wonderful feeling… a moment I would never have dreamed about or expected. I felt a little nervous at first but it didn’t take long to connect [with the other employees]. We’re all Crane, it’s like we all speak the same language.” 

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