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Crane Engineers Honored for U.S. Patent Award on Dynamic Maneuvering Configuration for Electronics Control Circuits

Three Crane Aerospace & Electronics Power Solutions employees recently celebrated a patent award from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Cuon Lam, Khoa Nguyen and Sovann Song were recognized by Crane leadership with commemorative plaques honoring their work in creating a unique, dynamic configuration for control circuits for power electronics devices with multiple sub-control inputs.

This patent defines a method for the rapid switching of a control circuit between multiple control modes with minimal delays.

In a conventional control circuit implementation, the circuit is driven by one of multiple inputs at a time where the inputs are each processed by an error amplifier and their outputs are combined to generate the control signal. A common technique is to have the error amplifier with the highest value determine the control output. However, this type of implementation has an impact on overall circuit performance.

When an external change requires that a different input take over, that input’s error amplifier must adjust its voltage to the level of the common output, and that change can introduce delays that are potentially damaging to the system.

As an example, when the normal control input is to regulate the voltage of a dc-dc converter, but a protection input needs to take over due to an overload, delays in that handoff can cause overstressed internal components and cause failures.

The configuration invented by Lam, Nguyen and Song enables all error amplifiers tied to the common output to maintain an output voltage much closer to the common output voltage. This significantly decreases the time needed to match voltage in the event of a signal change, allowing a rapid response by the control circuit and eliminating the harmful delayed handoff from the amplifier. This innovative method enables Crane’s Interpoint dc-dc converters to deliver reliable, high-quality power conversion while minimizing the risk of damage caused by fluctuations in the error amplifier voltage.

This is just one of the ways that our power products, like dc-dc converters and EMI filters set the standard for quality and reliability for flight and mission critical applications in harsh operating environments. With over one million products shipped, Crane’s power solutions can be found on aerospace, space, military, medical, industrial, and commercial applications around the world.

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